Mr. DANIEL RIERA (photographer, Barcelona) was delighted to purchase a couple of ink drawings by the English artist Mr. PETER SAMUELSON, which he bought from a gallery near the BRITISH MUSEUM in London. One shows a young man in profile drawing a naked couple, and the other shows seven young gentlemen taking tea, the artist in the middle of the group.



Mr. ROSCO BRADY (fashion producer, London, UK) will become, for the first time, the owner of a home: A flat in west London. “It is extremely exciting,” he says. “I’m getting an apartment over two floors so that I can play my vinyl collection loud and have parties without disturbing my neighbours.”


Mr. JOHN TIFFANY (theatre director, Glasgow) says that his new USB turntable has been a total revelation. Perhaps it sounds gadgety, but he’s really been missing certain records that he can’t download, mainly 12-inches. Hearing vinyl crackle from an iPod makes TIFFANY very giddy, he says.


Mr. BRYAN ADAMS (singer, photographer) ate at home in London, UK, with some friends and crewmembers. They had homemade veggie burgers on pesto foccaccia bread buns with pommes frites. Grapefruit sorbet as a dessert. No drinks.


Mr. STEFANO GABBANA (designer, Milan) bought an iPhone.


Mr. RICK OWENS (designer, Paris) says: “Frankly, I’m not acquisitive at all. But I do like being comfortable, and I like silence. So I’m having the guest floor in my house renovated with a hammam/isolation bunker. I’m trying to make it as close to the interior of a concrete BAUHAUS prison as I can. Cozy.”


Mr. TIM BLANKS (journalist and fashion authority, London, UK) will visit New Zealand for the first birthday of his only nephew, NICHOLAS. “While I’m there I will travel to the very tip of the North Island to see the Indian and Pacific Oceans collide. They are different colours and they go in different directions and if that isn’t an oceanographic fact, it should be.”