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Mr. JOHN WHELAN (restaurateur, Paris, France) will be polishing the chrome fuel tank of his vintage ROYTAL ENFIELD BULLET motorcycle with BRASSO.


Mr. MATTHEW MONEYPENNY (CEO, TRUNK photo agency, New York, USA) has a newly-restored home in Southampton to enjoy. Southampton, he points out, [is] on Long Island, not in the U.K.


Mr. FERDINAND DIENER (carpenter, Oslo, Norway) will build an indoor æroponic garden in his new apartment in order to grow the varieties of salad leaves from his native Cape Town that are hard to find in Oslo: “Radicchio, wild rocket, and heart lettuce.”


Mr. ROSCO BRADY (fashion producer, London, UK) will become, for the first time, the owner of a home: A flat in west London. “It is extremely exciting,” he says. “I’m getting an apartment over two floors so that I can play my vinyl collection loud and have parties without disturbing my neighbours.”


Mr. TIM BLANKS (journalist and fashion authority, London, UK) will visit New Zealand for the first birthday of his only nephew, NICHOLAS. “While I’m there I will travel to the very tip of the North Island to see the Indian and Pacific Oceans collide. They are different colours and they go in different directions and if that isn’t an oceanographic fact, it should be.”


Mr. BRYAN ADAMS (photographer and musician, London, UK) will be touring old vaudeville theatres dotted across the USA with his acoustic guitar. BRYAN will be travelling by bus with a small crew as, he says, “I can’t do it all myself.”


Mr. CHRISTOPHER SHANNON (fashion designer, London) will visit his parents in the British city of Liverpool. “People have funny preconceptions about it,” he says. “Liverpool has more park space per person than any other city in Europe, and the parks are amazing.”