Mr. JOHN WHELAN (restaurateur, Paris, France) will be polishing the chrome fuel tank of his vintage ROYTAL ENFIELD BULLET motorcycle with BRASSO.


Mr. MATTHEW MONEYPENNY (CEO, TRUNK photo agency, New York, USA) has a newly-restored home in Southampton to enjoy. Southampton, he points out, [is] on Long Island, not in the U.K.


Mr. TERRY RICHADSON (photographer) had a delicious veggie dish of rice, beans, guacamole, cheese, and cilantro – AKA a “burrito” – with green and red salsas and fresh-squeezed watermelon juice, all from his favourite Mexican spot Pinche Taqueria, in New York, USA. For dessert he had a pack of sour Skittles, also “very yum.”


Mr. MICHAEL LUCAS (film director, in New York, USA) wearing a navy lightweight wool blazer by LANVIN; grey cotton and silk tank top by RICK OWENS; navy cotton trousers and white lightweight sneakers, both by MARTIN MARGIELA.


Mr. RUPERT THOMAS (editor, THE WORLD OF INTERIORS) had dinner at home in Camden, London, UK, with the playwright Mr. ALAN BENNETT. They ate breaded plaice, tartar sauce, and small roasted potatoes from the local deli MELROSE AND MORGAN, which is so expensive it is known locally as “Melrose and Mortgage.” They also ate steamed broccoli and a homemade carrot-and-apple salad, then stewed apple-and-vanilla rice pudding. It was accompanied with a glass of organic Merlot and some tap water. They shared the GUARDIAN easy crossword, then watched some TV. It was so cold, they lit a real fire.


Mr. LUCAS OSSENDRIJVER (designer) and his friend Mr. DAVID AZCON dined at a Japanese restaurant on Silhouette Island, Seychelles. They had teppanyaki of assorted meats (chicken marinated in soy sauce, Angus beef, lamb), cuttlefish and gambas, miso soup and salad. They downed it all with Japanese beer.


Mr. FERDINAND DIENER (carpenter, Oslo, Norway) will build an indoor æroponic garden in his new apartment in order to grow the varieties of salad leaves from his native Cape Town that are hard to find in Oslo: “Radicchio, wild rocket, and heart lettuce.”